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Overview of EnRoute's mission

In life, we all know that it is the small things that count. Imagine that beautiful sunny day, out with people who you love, eating your favorite meal with some great conversation that makes you laugh till you cry, accompanied by the sound of the chirping birds in the background. It turns out that we didn’t have to invest a fortune to be happy. But why, why for saving CO2 emissions, we pretend that it is so difficult that we need to re-invent the wheel to be more eco-friendly?

To answer this question, we started this journey in Skopje, the capital city of my country, and the city with the highest air pollution. As always, we found the reasons, but then instead of blaming the government, we asked ourselves, what we have done to stop it? And it turned out that we weren’t much better.

Realizing that it is never too late to change and challenge the status quo, we made a breakdown of the minor daily activities that are harmful to our environment, and thus, on the other side, easy to change. Have you ever thought of doing grocery shopping on the way back home, instead of making an additional trip? Or have you ever thought that the elections are not the only way to vote, but you do that every single day while buying clothes and giving power to one or another company to protect or pollute our environment?

Asking and researching these thought-provoking questions, we realized that per day, each person can save around 10 kg CO2 and 1000 people can make carbon offset for one Skopje-Vienna Flight.

And that is how we introduced the EnRoute application and movement, to harness the small daily activities to make a significant change. Join us!



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