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What do we do?

We make the world a better place to live in, that for sure. Now let's dig into how we make a change.

(And how you can join us)

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Mobile Application

We create an eco-friendly free app that helps you to be more sustainable and reduce your

carbon footprint.

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Set up your sustainability goals

Fight greenwashing

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Reduce your carbon footprint


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Download EnRoute via:

Building the community that will save Planet Earth.

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Learning Together

Apart from assisting people to take action firsthand, we educate our community on the importance of daily eco-friendly actions.


We've conducted over 100+ hours of webinars tailor-made for the community, but also presented at numerous public events. 

EnRoute Webinar
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EnRoute 4 Schools

The younger a person is, the easier is to change their eco-friendly behavior. We create educational software which will allow students to develop environmental habits through climate games and activities.


The software will be installed on both students’ devices (where they will have the opportunity to perform activities) and teacher/parents’ devices (where they will monitor the progress).

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