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In order to make the world a better place, we have to work! But with our genZ team, it is the best kind of duty you can imagine!

Cleaning the Earth

Ambassador Member



Ambassador Community is a community of change enthusiasts all over the World. You share the current situation in your countries and connect EnRoute to existing organizations for a better impact.

We know that you always burst with enthusiasm and ideas, so we allow you to take your own projects in EnRoute. And we make sure we hear your voice, through participating (and leading) our weekly webinars (and we hope, in-person presentations, soon)!

Apart from that, you will meet new friends in our diverse community, get a lot of prizes, and learn about college, jobs, and scholarship opportunities.

Qualification: Goodwill, positive energy, ability to respond to emails, and commitment from 1 to 10 h/week.

Location: Remote

Deadline: Rolling applications

Benefits: Host EnRoute webinars, take part in building community (where you are not alone, and no one is there to judge you); Learn about opportunities (job, college, summer schools); Weekly mentorship on various topics;

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Webinar Invitations (8).png
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