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Your mask saves lives!

Your reduced carbon footprint can too!

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Do you want to fight against climate change and challenge the status quo?

Our mission is to harness the power of everyday actions to fight against climate change. In that manner, we have built our application. Our primary goal is to provide ways to reduce our carbon footprint, on the bus or train, in the shop, or even in our own home. EnRoute is a strong community of Earth Heroes who save Planet Earth and make a better tomorrow.

What causes carbon footprint?  

28.2% of the total carbon emissions are caused by transport.

We are greenwashed, by 'green' companies and 'eco-friendly' products.

An average household produces 7.5 t of CO2 emissions per year.

58% of the students haven't got a climate change education.

Less than 10% of the people believe in climate change and the danger of global warming.

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EnRoute Global Team
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Our story

As high school seniors, with cases rising and lockdown hitting, we had a lot of concerns. Missed prom was one. Not being able to do anything except wearing masks was the bigger one.


That stroke us. Solving the greatest emergent pandemic relayed only on individual steps. The next challenge upfront is climate change and the effects of global warming.

Why we don't do the same for it? Why don't we start now? Why we don't change the world?

As a cherry on the top, we are not another corporation, but your favorite eco-friendly genZ team fighting to have their youth voice heard!

Read more about us:

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